Characteristics of a Great Mortgage Lender

A great mortgage lender isn't always easy to find. At Alliance Mortgage Group/ Beattie Team, we encourage customers to always do their research when finding their mortgage lender. Here are some helpful tips about some of the great characteristics you should be looking for in your mortgage lender.

They Have a Plan

When your mortgage lender helps you plan to purchase a home and understands what is needed to get you your loan, you are in great hands. A mortgage lender should help you completely understand the steps taken when purchasing a home or property.


Depending on your mortgage lender is an important aspect of finding the right person to work with. We recommend choosing an experienced lender who will work out what is necessary in order to get you the loan you need. Look for someone with a great rapport with their previous customers and other professionals in the industry and who has great reviews from other clients whom they have helped get a mortgage for. You should also pay attention to how good they are at getting back to you on time and with an informative response.

They are Direct

On of the key factors that makes for a great home lender is how direct and honest they are. If a mortgage lender is evasive and doesn't answer your questions with a clear concise answer, you should probably look for a different company to work with. Building trust with your lender is all about getting the point across, whether you like the news or not. If the information is something you weren't expecting to hear, the right lender will be there to help you figure out a solution.

They Look out for Your Best Interest.

A great home lender will always put the needs of their clients first. You'll know when a lender genuinely cares. They typically show signs of assessing your net worth and affordability to make sure you are able to comfortably repay your loan. In addition, a great lending professional will have the ability to both ask and receive questions well with solutions to help ease any concerns.

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